Diagnostics and Condition Monitoring

Today’s equipment is extremely sophisticated and a succession of EU mandatory environmental standards (culminating in current Stage 3B and Stage 4 requirements), have made engines and equipment in general more complex than ever. It’s therefore vital that machine operators perform routine daily maintenance, regularly inspect the machine for physical damage and conduct the appropriate Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) ‘regeneration’ cycles when required.

If maintenance intervals are extended past manufacturers’ recommendations the performance and reliability of engines and hydraulic systems can easily be compromised and permanent damage can result. It’s critical to stay on top of routine maintenance intervals to avoid costly repairs. To help minimize equipment downtime, equipment owners and operators should closely follow the maintenance interval schedule provided by the manufacturer in the operation and maintenance manual and use genuine parts and lubricants and not cheap ‘will-fit’ alternatives.

Promac’s factory trained technicians can carry out detailed diagnostics of a machine’s complete engine, control and hydraulic system using the latest computer diagnostic equipment.

Promac’s oil sampling and analysis service will quickly highlight problems with water or particulate contamination of hydraulic systems or diesel fuel. Modern emission controlled engines are more susceptible to damage, than earlier generations, through consuming poor quality or contaminated diesel fuel. Regular oil sampling is a cost effective way of monitoring a machine’s health saving expensive down-time and repairs.

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